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Cast Iron PADDU / PANIYARAM PAN 12Pit (Non pre seasoned)

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Cast Iron 8″ PADDU / PANIYARAM PAN 12Pit  (Pre seasoned)

Note: Cast Iron increases iron content of food & makes food taste better. Acidic foods or foods cooked for longer periods of time will accumulate the most iron. Even non-acidic and quick cooking foods, like eggs and fried potatoes, averaged a five-fold increase in iron content when cooked in an iron skillet.

Unlike other cookware cast iron / iron cookware improves with age, if maintained / on regular usage and its long lasting.  

Usage: Cast iron / iron products can be used on stove, oven, grills and on campfires.

Seasoning: Wash and clean your cast iron cookware and let it dry, apply a thin layer of oil on the cookware by using tissue paper or cloth or kitchen towel. Once oil is spread across the cast iron cookware surface, heat it on high flame for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the process 3-4 times before cooking. 

Maintenance: Wash your cast iron cookware by hand with small amount of soap. Dry with a cloth or paper towel, apply a very light layer of cooking oil or seasoning spray onto the surface of your cookware. Rub it evenly


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